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Patient Testimonials

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Hand Pain

“Before starting at Physicians Wellness, my hands would have shooting pain – I would describe the pain as shooting “sparklers.” I also had issues with my thumbs feeling as if they were stuck and I couldn’t move them. With just one treatment, I notice a huge difference! The pain in my hands were gone and my thumbs were more functional. I have a few more treatments to go but each time I keep seeing improvements!” — J.S.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Lower Back & Shoulder

“The greatest success that I’ve had since doing my treatment has been with my right shoulder and lower back. I was having constant pain during the day; at night it seemed to only get worse. I had such severe pain in my right shoulder that even lifting my purse was very difficult to do. My lower back was constantly in spasms and I would always have to be cautious of how I moved. I now am pain free and have complete range of motion with my shoulder and I have zero spasms in my lower back! I can finally go to the gym and do many other activities I could not do before.” — L.B.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Hip Pain

“Before I came in, I had pain in my left side and pain in my legs when I walked a certain distance. After I received my treatment and progress never regressed. I still feel great, my hip is no longer in pain and I am able to walk comfortably again. I am so happy I came in here for this. The people that work here are so nice, they feel like family.” — L. S.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Knee & Back

"I feel that my treatment has made a total difference with my back and knees. I have 100% mobility now and can do more than I could before. The constant pain I use to deal with everyday has now become non-existent. I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with back, knees, etc… It is more than worth it! The doctors and technicians are extremely efficient and make you feel that your situation is very important to them. They always go above and beyond to help you!” — T. J.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Ankle Pain

“Last week I injured my left ankle to the point that it was inflamed and I couldn’t walk. I hobbled in to the new Physicians Wellness, spoke with the doctor and within an hour had received treatment on my ankle. I went back for two more one-hour sessions following that, each session including 8 minutes with their state-of-the-art laser on my ankle, and two of their other short, effective therapies. The pain and inflammation were largely gone by the second visit and I could walk normal again. By the end of the third visit my ankle was all but back to normal. I lead a pretty active life and the idea of not being able to walk was flat out intolerable. I’m pretty amazed at the virtually painless, drug-free, non-invasive high-tech therapies available now to heal and even rapidly heal injured body parts.” — T. B.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Shoulder Pain

“I had a very bad rotator cuff tear which resulted in a frozen shoulder. This was causing me lots of pain and difficulty doing simple tasks. The medical doctors said the only solution was surgery and rehab on the shoulder for an extended period of time, otherwise, I would still have a problem. I immediately experienced less pain and some improvement in the range of motion in my arm. Within one month of receiving treatment my shoulder was healed and the pain was gone. The level of care from the doctors and staff was the best I have ever experienced." — R. C.

Orthopedic Human Cell Tissue Transplant | Lower Back

“Since having done my treatment I have noticed so many positive changes and only continue to see improvements. I had trouble with my lower back and constantly had the feeling of being “stabbed”. I wish I would have known about Physicians Wellness a lot sooner because I could have lived pain free months ago. I don’t know why anyone else wouldn’t do it, It’s a total game changer!” — T. L.

Shock Wave | Heal Spurs

"Today they treated my heal spurs. After 30 seconds, I started to feel relief from my heal pain. The pulse waves went up into my leg and it was not uncomfortable at all. After treatment, I stood up and didn’t have the same pain that has been my constant companion. Thank you! I look forward to the days ahead to see where this leads me." — V.H.

Shock Wave | Back Pain

"Before the treatment, I have back pain almost every day. After receiving the treatment, all my pain is gone. Unbelievable! The treatment has made me feel very good." — G.B.

Shock Wave | Middle Back

"I felt pain in my middle back, almost every day as I sit in front of a computer all day. But after the procedure, I do not feel any pain anymore and my muscle tension is gone. I do not feel any pain, even when moving my shoulder." — M.I.

Shock Wave | Knee Pain

"I definitely felt a difference in my knee and up through my leg. I was able to do my typical workout with less pain and I slept better. My first treatment made such a difference in how I was feeling, I came back three days later for more." — B.M.

O-Shot® | Sexual Wellness

"It's been 2 months since I received my first O-Shot®. It took about 3 weeks to start noticing a difference. Now, I no longer need to purchase or use lubricates. Sex is more spontaneous as if I stepped into a time machine and became 15 years younger! I'm very happy with the results."— P.B. 
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