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The O-Shot® for Urinary Incontinence | Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control one’s bladder. This is usually as a result of the weakening of the urinary sphincter muscles. People suffering from this condition find it hard to hold in their urine. The level of severity is different among different people. There are people with urinary incontinence who have no control over their bladder whereas others have very minimal. Individuals. Here in the United States, just about 13 million people suffer from this condition. Recent studies, however, indicate that this condition is more prevalent in women than it is in men. About 10 to 30 percent of women who are above 15 years suffer from urinary incontinence.

Low Libido in Women - Ending The Silence | Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

Sometimes this condition has been referred to as sexual interest arousal disorder, but to be diagnosed with this condition, you need to have a low libido for a minimum of six months. Around 12 percent of women will meet this definition, and this is not women who are postmenopausal. These are healthy women who are aged from 20 to 40, and beyond this, everything is going well. The problem is how it can devastate your relationship with your partner. You can end up fighting with your partner more, and another problem is that it can also spill over into other areas like having low self-confidence and a poor body image.

PRP in Chronic Penile Lichen Sclerosus | Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

PRP treatment in penile LS seems to be helpful to regenerate scarring, reduce symptoms, and improve patient quality of life. Further studies are necessary to evaluate long-term results.

Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Newer Therapeutic Strategies | Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

Despite recent advances in therapy, reversal of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction (ED) is rarely possible. A review of vasculogenic ED may further our understanding of the underlying pathophysiology and help develop more effective curative therapy.

Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma on the Regeneration of Cavernous Nerve | Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

PRP can promote the regeneration of injured CN and the recovery of erectile function.

Priapus Shot® for Improved Erectile Function and Peyronie's Disease| Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training

Autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) is used increasingly in a variety of settings. PRP injections have been used for decades to improve angiogenesis and wound healing. They have also been offered commercially in urology with little to no data on safety or efficacy. PRP could theoretically improve multiple urologic conditions, such as erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease (PD), and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). A concern with PRP, however, is early washout, a situation potentially avoided by conversion to platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Before clinical trials can be performed, safety analysis is desirable. We reviewed an initial series of patients receiving PRFM for urologic pathology to assess safety and feasibility.

Combined Treatment of Injecting Platelet Rich Plasma With Vacuum Pump for Penile Enlargement| Platelet Rich Plasma Online & Hands-On Training