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The Regenerative Medicine Specialists

Now you can learn about the natural non-surgical treatment using your body's own healing and growth process to help repair arthritic or injured joints and end chronic pain. 

At Physicians Wellness, we offer our patients personalized, cutting-edge Regenerative Medical Therapies for orthopedic conditions that can help you live pain-free from knee, back, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip or ankle pain.

We provide a concierge education program to help you become a well-educated consumer. All medical decisions are made based on evidence and in the patient's best interest, and only after proper patient education. We are committed to improving the quality of our patient's lives. 

Physicians Wellness Medical Services Include: 

  • Orthopedic Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)
  • Stem Cell Education
  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
  • PRP Skin Rejuvenation
  • O-Shot® and P-Shot®

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More than 10 years of Regenerative and Orthopedic Medical Experience

"The greatest success that I’ve had since doing my treatment has been with my right shoulder and lower back. I was having constant pain during the day; at night it seemed to only get worse. I had such severe pain in my right shoulder that even lifting my purse was very difficult to do. My low back was constantly in spasms and I would always have to be cautious of how I moved. I now am pain free and have complete range of motion with my shoulder and I have zero spasms in my low back! I can finally go to the gym and do many other activities I could not do before." – L.B. 

"Before I came in, I had pain in my left side and pain in my legs when I walked a certain distance. After I received my treatment and progress never regressed. I still feel great, my hip is no longer in pain and I am able to walk comfortably again. I am so happy I came in here for this. The people that work here are so nice, they feel like family." – L.S. 

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