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Our goal is to help our patients reduce inflammation, repair, replace, reconstruct and supplement their body’s tissues using the most advanced therapies, including human cell tissue and other regenerative options. Our patients report great results when suffering from “bone on bone” knee pain, arthritic pain, chronic joint pain and degenerative conditions. We aim to make you feel at home and at ease in our clinic. Setting expectations and making you familiar with our process ensures you get the best-personalized care for your needs.

Our Process

  • Consultation
    At your 60-minute consultation, we review case history, medical history, orthopedic testing and examination, discuss options and recommendations and answer any questions. Our practitioners will determine if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine and human cell tissue transplantation. Together, we will decide on the best protocol for you. We encourage new patients to bring a spouse, loved one or a caregiver.
  • Therapy Plan
    You will receive your personalized plan which will include suggested nutrition and protocols to help you optimize your results.
  • Payment Options are reviewed with our Patient Care Specialist.
  • Treatment with Follow-Up Appointments